Since 1999, Salesforce has led the effort in providing one of the best customer relationship management (CRM) systems in the world. Through its versatile cloud-based platform, Salesforce provides an essential array of services to many of the world’s largest critical businesses, governments, and organizations.

Rules of Typographic instances

In response to its acquisitions and expanded product offerings, typographic consistency became a crucial element to Salesforce's brand. All spacing and line weights reference increments divisible of one another for flexible, responsive modules that scale from desktop to mobile. In addition, a series of typographic use cases were developed for Salesforce's internal team to better highlight information when describing a product.

Working in layers with spot vignettes

Spot vignettes are used to highlight featured products, application details, or customer profiles. A series of illustrated elements (previously developed for Salesforce) served as the base layer for hundreds of spot vignettes. Environmental tones were selected for each design individually.

Each of these materials set the tone for the brand, with use cases across app elements, marketing assets, and descriptive pages of individual products located throughout Salesforce's entire website.