A Formal Introduction

My name is James Rivas, and I am highly passionate of developing brands that are attractive in both form and function. Despite the positioning of a business, I believe that any story can be elevated through an emotional understanding and a captivating visual strategy.  Close collaboration with others is my forté, and providing alternate perspectives to ensure conceptual analysis always supersedes original expectations for clients and their consumers.

I have a decade of brand expertise through a range of specialties including visual identity, digital strategy, product production, editorial design, environmental design, and visual interactive experiences. Most of my brand recognition has flourished through strategic analysis and close collaboration amongst a large range of clients. Throughout the course of my career, I've had the privilege to work with a variety of clients both big and small.

I Also Dabble in the
World of Ceramics

I approach all of my vessels with a modern adaptation of traditional methodologies. Through a historic and scientific understanding of both technique and composition, I seek to develop objects that intertwine varying moments of creativity, from previous eras to current events in our world today. I mostly enjoy mixing minimal forms with subtly-complex glazing techniques, creating a characterized, one-of-a-kind feeling for throughout every one of my pieces. Overall, my greatest passion is influencing others, mostly with what I love to create.

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