Panama is the isthmus connecting Central America and South America, offering access to both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Home to 7 different thriving indigenous communities and one of the most globally diverse ecosystems researched in the world, Panama offers limitless opportunities of interactive entertainment and inspiring sources of education within its landmass of 30,000 square miles.

an identity steeped in tradition

The handwritten aesthetic used in Panama's logo and tagline emphasizes its humanistic brand experience. Its burst element represents a kaleidoscope of intersecting identities, growth of natural elements, and sounds vibrating throughout the country. Its accent mark uses elements derivative of its burst, emphasizing consistency across materials. Its tagline reflects the native languages spoken throughout the country.

Focusing on Heritage Routes

The Heritage Routes are found within the Architecture of the Panama Brand. These are to be used secondarily, in conjunction with the Panama mother brand. These heritage icons are to be used to identify their appropriate landmarks and attractions across the entire country of Panama. For example, a brochure highlighting an architectural site or historic building may use the gold culture icon. A sign for a local beach will use the blue icon. Natural excursions will use green.