Junko Ichikawa

Junko Ichikawa was born in Obihiro, Hokkaido, and began practicing piano at the age of four. Transitioning from a life in Japan to the Western world, Junko has dedicated her life to mastering the art of classical music. In 2015, she made an appearance in Ethan Hawke's award-winning documentary, “Seymour: An Introduction” alongside her former teacher and lifelong friend, Seymour Bernstein. With her newfound recognition, Junko took the opportunity to explore campaign ideas for her 2015 Carnegie Hall performance.
BRAND IDENTITY,  Print Campaign, Photo Direction, Web Design

bringing Tradition to a digital world

Sheet music, traditional posters, and historic publications played a large role in determining the look and feel of Junko's website. Each individual page is inspired by paper, and its typographic treatment references tradition through the use of serif-based typography.

In homage to Junko's Carnegie Hall Playbill, typography has been arranged organically through overlaying, rotation, and bold headings. The color references tones found in her original poppy illustration.