News Initiative

Through programs, products and partnerships, Google is one of the world’s largest financial supporters of journalism. Over the past 20 years, Google collaborated closely with news partners and provided billions of dollars to support the creation of quality journalism in the digital age.

Transforming storytelling

GNI's website experience serves as a visual hub to assist users in selecting tools offered by Google from their ever-growing, versatile resource collection. The design focuses on the introduction of GNI's brand messaging, three brand pillars, and a plethora of information backed by research. Each section has a characterized look and feel that feels individual in experience, but consistent in its aesthetic approach.

Getting straight to the point

The Impact Report landing page uses a system that allows users to seamlessly navigate between overarching topics and the subtopics relative to each of them. Numbers are called out through a curated design system, and case studies are highlighted through elements that help personify a subject. Lastly, each statistic is represented visually, with the opportunity to dive deep into case studies across each subsection.